Fresh Turmeric Powder

Fresh Turmeric Powder

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Fresh Turmeric Powder is a vivid yellow powder that is prepared by dry powdering of ripe turmeric rootstock (underground stems). The utilization of this is done for flavoring food and coloring, for medicinal purposes and for cosmetic purposes. Utilized in nearly all Indian curries, this spice has nearly no calories and incorporates zero cholesterol. Rich in dietary fiber, magnesium, iron, vitamin B6 and potassium. This spice has wide ambit of health advantages that come primarily from its ingredient, curcumin. Fresh Turmeric Powder we offer, is utilized in different drugs and pharmaceutics chiefly because of its anti-oxidant and immunity boosting properties.

Key Points :
  • Perfect for cookeries, extremely therapeutic and healthy.
  • Give protection against many liver diseases, has an anti-bacterial effect.
  • Gives a rich coloring and a specific flavor to the food, helps in promoting weight loss.
  • Can be used for the preparation of home-made skin products to rise the glow factor.